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Spring Registration Deadline is May 21st

Register now for the Spring League and Pay Later.  The price will change depending on how many games are played.  Currently, we are going to run a 5-week Spring League starting the week of May 30th.

In the event, Guelph/Wellington goes into Red Category or Grey Lockdown a refund will be issued for unplayed games


Spring Leagues 2021

Sunday Recreational 6's (May 30th - June 27th) 

Monday Competitive 4's (May 31st - June 28th)

Monday Intermediate 4's (May 31st - June 28th)

Monday Recreational 6's (May 31st - June 28th)

Tuesday Competitive 4's (June 1st - June 29th)

Tuesday Intermediate 4's (June 1st - June 29th)

Tuesday Recreational 6's (June 1st - June 29th)

Wednesday Intermediate 4's (June 2nd - June 30th)

Wednesday Recreational 6's (June 2nd - June 30th)

Wednesday Intermediate 6's (June 2nd - June 30th)

Thursday Recreational 6's (June 3rd - July 1st)

Thursday Intermediate 6's (June 3rd - July 1st)

When registering all players must provide emails and phone numbers in case they need to be contacted for tracing purposes.

Players must actively screen before each game and captains will need to keep weekly attendance in order to play in the league.

 According to the Ontario Guidelines (Orange/Yellow/Green Zones) leagues must contain no more than 50 participants total.  If participants in a league exceed 50, the league may divide into smaller groups of no more than 50.  Subs are NOT permitted, only players on the roster are allowed to play.  We are limiting player rosters to 8 players for Rec/Inter 6's Divisions and 5 players for Comp/Inter 4's Divisions.  Please note teams will be put into groups according to the skill level of the team.

No participant can reside in a provincially designated Grey-Lockdown Zone 

We will be making some modifications to the rules to make it safe for everyone.

Beach Volleyball Rule Changes - Safe Return to Play Guidelines

Space is limited so register online asap.





 Season   Registration  Opens  Registration  Closes  League Starts  League Ends
Spring League  March 29th May 21 May 30th July 1st
 Summer League  May 24th June 25th July 5th August 29th

Registrants in Spring leagues will have priority over Summer league spaces. However, you must register before Monday, June 14, 2021

Spring, Summer
League Spring League Summer League Team Fee/League* Individual Fee/League*
Co-ed Competitive 4's Monday, Tuesday Monday, Tuesday $200/Spring (5 Weeks) - $320/Summer (8 Weeks) $45/Spring (5 Weeks) - $65/Summer (8 Weeks)
Co-ed Intermediate 4's Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday $200/Spring (5 Weeks) - $320/Summer (8 Weeks) $45/Spring (5 Weeks) - $65/Summer (8 Weeks)
Open 2's Monday $160 $80
Co-ed Intermediate 6's Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday $275/Spring (5 Weeks) - $440/Summer (8 Weeks) $40/Spring (5 Weeks) - $60/Summer (8 Weeks)
Co-ed Recreational 6's Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday $275/Spring (5 Weeks) - $440/Summer (8 Weeks) $40/Spring (5 Weeks) - $60/Summer (8 Weeks)