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Post Game Social

During Covid-19 the Perpetual Card won't be honored. We do hope you will still support your local restaurants and pubs.

For your convenience, Perpetual Motion is connected with a large variety of restaurants and pubs located across the city. This is to give you, and your team, diverse options to socialize and eat great food at. So, after your Soccer, Guelph Ultimate, Football or Beach Volleyball game, gather up your team mates and take advantage of what we have set up for you. See below to determine which restaurants offer the best specials that fit your teams' needs. Further information on deals and maps to each restaurant are available by clicking on their logo. We hope to see you and the rest of your team sometime soon!

When you arrive, please tell your server that you come from a Perpetual Motion league. Some of the restaurants and pubs are asking for proof that your team plays in the league. The Perpetual Card on the left side can be printed off (business card size), or can be found on the Perpetual Motion Mobile site for those with smart phones, which you then can show to the server. Please ask your teammates to either print one off and carry it with them or to bring their smart phone to the restaurant.

Click here to view larger, printable version of the Perpetual Card.