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Covid-19 League Changes - Beach Volleyball

Safe Return to Play - Summer 2021

Once again we are incredibly excited to get back to playing! Sports and recreation play an important role in the physical, social and mental well-being of both our players and our wider community. We have long prided ourselves on our amazing community of players playing ‘with’ each other and not just ‘against’ each other in our leagues in order to create a welcoming environment and lasting friendships. In this new normal, we’ll require the buy-in of all of our players to help ensure we do this safely together. It will require some patience, some kindness and some communication as we work through the process, but together we can and will play sports again.

Players, please read the Return to Play Guidelines below, followed by the Sport-Specific Adjustments and Rule Changes for each sport:

Before, During and After Play

SCREENING: Self-screening must be completed by all players prior to every game.  If you feel any sort of illness and have been in recent contact with somebody who is sick, please stay home. If you are at a higher risk of experiencing serious illness from COVID-19, consider limiting or avoiding participation in sports activites. SCREENING CHECKLIST QUESTIONS - If you answer "Yes" to any of these question you must not participate.


HYGIENE: Players must wash their hands with soap and water and/or hand sanitizer before, during, and after play. Do not touch your eyes, nose, or mouth. Players must not eat on game locations, share any water bottles or spit. Players must cover their mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing. Players are advised to bring their own sanitizer to games.  


CAPTAINS & SPIRIT: Team Captains will meet at a 2 meter distance before each game to discuss and ensure safety protocols are being met during COVID-19. Players must refrain from shaking hands, fist/elbow bumps, huddles and high-fives, despite the sportsmanlike nature of our league. 


MASKS: All players must wear a mask that covers the mouth and nose before and after the game (comign and going to the parking lot) and in situations where social distancing may be more difficult.


PARTICIPATION: Team Captains are required to ensure that online rosters are complete and that attendance and weekly self-screening pledges have been completed by all teammates prior to play. Captains will need to submit a photo of the weekly attendace and self-screennig log to after each game.


SIDELINES & BENCHES: Teams must spread out along the sidelines and respect social distancing.  Teams are responsible for cleaning up any garbage they create in order to maintain a proper level of cleanliness.


SPECTATORS: Spectators are permitted, provided they can maintain social distancing and are wearing a mask.  We recommend not bringing spectators unless necessary.


ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE: Please arrive no more than 15 minutes before your scheduled game time when the field/courts are still in use.  If you arrive early please wait until the other team has completly cleared the playing field/court.  We need to ensure that social distancing is maintained at entrances and exits in particular.  No congregating at the field/court when another group is coming onto the field/court.  Please pack up and exit quickly and do not congregate in the parking lot before or after the game.

Sport Specific Adjustments and Rule Changes

Perpetual Motion has made some modifications to the format of our Beach Volleyball Leagues in order to comply with Step 2 team sports requirements and to ensure the safety of our players and staff.  

Beach Volleyball Roster Size and Eligibility:

1. According to the Ontario Guidelines there are now no restrictions on the number of people or teams participating. 

2. Only players who have signed the updated waiver, performed a weekly self screening assessment, provided contact information and read the guidelines will be allowed to participate.

3. Captains will need to keep a weekly log of players attendance and self screening assessment for tracing purposes.  Captains will need to take a photo of the weekly log and email it to  A log sheet will be provided at the start of the season.


Beach Volleyball Rule Adjustments and Equipment:

1. Players must maintain physical distancing of 2-meters before, on the sidelines and after all activities. This includes arriving on site, when possible during play, resting/sitting on the sideline and departing the game.  Players must refrain from high-fives, fist/elbow bumps, huddles and shaking hands.  Masks must be worn going to and from the courts.  

2. Returning Rogue Ball:  If another courts ball comes to your group return it with your feet instead of your hands.

3. Sanitizing Station:  We will supply either spray sanitizer or sanitizing wipes to the courts for communal use of equipment before, during and after the games. We will also have hand sanitizer on site, however players are also encouraged to bring their own.  An extra ball will be provided at each court to rotate through. 

4. Prizes and Team Pictures:  During Covid-19 we won't be taking team pictures, using the Perpetual Card or awarding prizes, you will be playing for bragging right, great sportsmanship and a fun night out!!!

Please Note:  The restricted 1 meter lines will be not in effect for 2021 season.  According to the Ontario Guidelines: Team sports or games that may result in personal contact must not be practised or played unless the sport or game has been modified to avoid personal contact.  It has been clarified by the Minister Lisa Macleod (Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture) that this is referring to sports such as contact football where contact is a primary element of play as opposed to incidental contact in games like baseball (example given was tagging a runner out).

Please see our Emergency Action Plan