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Guelph Beach Volleyball began its first season in the spring of 2003 with 16 teams playing in 2 divisions. Today, more than 250 teams across 14 divisions fill the courts all over the city. We offer divisions in Open 2's, Competitive 4's, Intermediate 4's, Intermediate 6's and Recreational 6's. These are spread over five days a week, so you can be sure that there is a league for you! All leagues are co-ed and self refereed.

In addition, Perpetual Motion runs two beach volleyball tournaments during the year: King of the Castle and Where's the Beach?.

King of the Castle allows players to sign up individually as a card (women take Hearts and Diamonds, men take Clubs and Spades). We shuffle the deck and deal the cards which decides the teams for that set of games. Every player receives a hole punch on their card for each game they win. After two games, the cards are reshuffled and dealt again! By the end, each player will have played ten games, and the male and female who have the most hole punches will be crowned the King and Queen of the Castle!

Where's the Beach? is a team tournament with divisions for Competitive 4's, Intermediate 4's, Intermediate 6's, and Recreational 6's so everyone can get their volleyball game on!

The courts that we use for our leagues and tournaments are located at Silvercreek Park, University of Guelph, Centennial High School, Eramosa River Park, Lourdes High School, Severn Drive, Bishop MacDonell High School, W.E Hamilton and Herb Markle.

If you're looking for something to do with your team after your games, Perpetual Motion is connected with a large number of restaurants and bars around the city of Guelph. This is to ensure that you have somewhere nearby to eat, drink, and socialize with your teammates and other members in the league. Information on restaurants, their locations and their deals can be found here.

Get ready for fun filled Spring and Summer seasons of sand and sweat. See you on the beach!

                                                                                                                 The Perpetual Motion Team        
                                                                                      Dave Kelly - League Convener
                                    Herman Fehr - Marketing Manager   Brayden Klemens - App Developer