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Captain's Corner

Welcome to the Captain's Corner for Guelph Ultimate. This page can answer some questions about general league operations, and hopefully - with your help - we can make the league run as smoothly and enjoyably as possible.  If you have any more questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.  Have a great season!

Clipboard/Game Sheets/Waivers


At the start of the Spring League there will be a captains' meeting. Here, each captain will receive a clipboard complete with a set of waivers for everyone to sign, a set of game sheets and rules and a pen. At the start of Summer and Fall Leagues, someone from Perpetual Motion will come by your first game, drop off your clipboard and answer any questions you might have. The clipboard given to the captain is theirs to keep and to bring to every game.


At the start of each season (one per year), everyone must sign a 'Release of Liability Waiver'. If you add a player during the year, get them to sign a waiver as well, even if it is only for one game. The signed waivers are to be handed in. Alternatively, the waivers can be signed online by clicking on 'Wavers' under 'Registration' .

Game Sheets

Following each game, the captains will fill out the game sheets and submit them online using the online score reporter within 24 hours of finishing.


At the end of each game, a Spirit Score is to be awarded to the opposing team on a scale from 1-5 (half scores are permitted). The team as a whole should have input on what Spirit Score should be awarded to the other team. For a guide on how to award Spirit Scores consistently, click on 'Spirit Score Info'. At the end of the season, there will be a spirit trophy and prizes awarded to the team with the highest spirit average.  


All schedules will be posted on the website and can be found by clicking on 'Schedules & Standings'.