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sitting in sandball with castleoven mits

Organized for the first time in 2004, the King of the Castle Tournament is a unique Beach Volleyball tournament that allows players to meet new people that have similar interests. All the while enjoying an action-packed day full of good volleyball, good exercise and lots of laughter.

The format of the tournament is as follows: players sign up as individuals, and in the process, pick the playing card that they would like to represent. Women choose to be Hearts or Diamonds, while the men choose Clubs or Spades. At the start of the tournament, all of the cards are shuffled and dealt, telling you which court you are playing on and who your teammates will be. After two games are played with these teams, each player will receive a one-hole punch on their playing card for every win they achieved. The cards are then reshuffled and dealt again, leading to completely different teams. By the end of the tournament, each player will have played ten games with five different teams. The man and woman who have amassed the most hole punches by the end of the day are declared the King and Queen of the Castle. Prizes are also awarded to the players who have the best costumes. So be sure to dress up, whether with body paint or by designing clothes.

In addition, throughout the day there will be a number of Joker points. The Joker of the tournament will add challenges to the team, such as having to wear oven mitts while playing or having to protect their team’s sand castle.

The King of the Castle Tournament offers two divisions: Competitive 4’s and Rec/Intermediate 6’s. This is to cater to every player’s skill level.

This is one of the most entertaining tournaments of the year, so don't miss it!


                                                                                                             The Perpetual Motion Team
                                                                                  Dave Kelly - League Convener
                             Herman Fehr - Marketing Manager      Brayden Klemens - App Developer



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