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Disc Golf is the flying disc variation of the game of golf. Instead of using a golf club, players use a disc (frisbee). As in golf, there are many different discs that a player can use for long drives, approach shots, and putting. Disc golf courses are typically composed of 9 or 18 holes. It is often played in public parks where many obstacles such as trees, light posts or a garbage containers can serve as a goal.  In official disc golf tournaments, metal baskets on a pole are used to trap the disc. These baskets stop the disc in its flight and make it fall down into the basket to end the hole. Disc Golf is a great sport for all ages and skill levels.

The rules are quite similar to the rules used in the game of "Club Golf", including the matter of courtesy. It is only fair that your opponent's turn to throw be without distraction, just as you would like it to be for yours. Do not throw your disc until you are sure its flight or landing will not distract another player.

1. Tee Off:

  1. The order on the first tee will be mutual arrangement or by flipping discs. The printed side is heads and the odd man should be first. Tee off order on all subsequent holes is determined by the score on the previous hole. The player with the lowest score tees off first.

2. The Fairway:

  1. After the first throw from the tee, the player whose disc is farthest from the target throws first again, just like in regular golf.  A marker disc is used to mark every throw and should be a special disc, like a pocket Mini Disc model (about 10 centimeters) that is not used in normal play. The thrown disc is always left on the lie, (where it came to rest), until the marker disc is placed on the ground directly in front of and touching the disc. The thrown disc is then picked up.
  2. Proper foot placement when throwing will require some practice. The foot that you put your weight on when you throw, i.e., the "plant" foot, must be as close as is reasonable to the front line of the tee or to the marker disc: in no case ahead of the line or disc, and no more than 30 centimeters (1 foot) behind the line, or disc. The other foot can be any place you choose as long as it is no closer to the hole than the rear of the marker disc.
  3. Follow through, (stepping past the marker disc after throwing), is allowed on any throw except when putting, (any throw where the rear of the marker disc is within 10 meters of the hole). Falling forward to keep your balance after a putt is not allowed. This infraction is called a falling putt.

3. Out of Bounds: 

  1. If the disc is stuck in a tree or a bush more than 2 meters above the ground, the marker disc is placed exactly beneath it and it is carefully removed from the tree. You have also just added one throw to your score. This is called a penalty throw. You may now proceed; however, take extreme care not to damage the tree or bush, or reshape them in any way to improve your throwing conditions. Some courses have "out-of-bounds" areas for the safety of the players. Observe the boundaries carefully and try to stay out. If your disc is "out-of-bounds", i.e., you can see "out-of-bounds" area between the edge of your disc and the "inbounds" line, place your marker disc "inbounds" at the place where your disc went "out-of-bounds" and give yourself a one throw penalty. Again, please be careful of natural vegetation.

4. Hazards:

  1. Water hazards are to be avoided because your disc will sink! If, however, you have been so unfortunate as to land in the water, play it like you do the "out-of-bounds" throw, and don't forget to take a one throw penalty. If the disc is touching any shore above the water , it is "inbounds". Standing water or mud on the course that is caused by sprinklers or rain is not considered "out-of-bounds" and the disc may be relocated to a dryer area no closer to the hole with no penalty.

5. No Referee: 

  1. Fair Play is an important aspect of all Disc Sports. There is no referee in Disc Golf, so play fair and make it fun for everyone.

6. Abuse/Alcohol Policy:

  1. Any abuse, whether it be physical, sexual or mental is not acceptable in any manner. If this kind of abuse is reported, the player or team will receive a verbal warning. If a second incident occurs, the player or team will be asked to leave the league or tournament without refund. Teams are responsible for other teammates' actions; as a teammate, please encourage good sportsmanship at all times. Perpetual Motion Sports & Entertainment Inc. reserves the right to eject a player or team without a warning and without a refund. Guelph Flag Football is a co-ed league for everyone to have a great night out. Let's keep it that way. Alcohol is not permitted at any game or event, offenders will be asked to leave the league without refund. Playing while intoxicated is prohibited.

For a full set of Official Disc Golf Rules, click here: PDGA Rule Book

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