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Results & Team Pics

19th Annual Beaver Bowl

Saturday October 13th, 2018

1st - Polk High Spartans
2nd - C.T.E. Free
3rd - All Madden
4th - Just Win Baby!!!
5th - Justice League
6th - Ball & Dolls
7th - Just the Tip 
8th - The Super Rats

Spirit Award

1st - The Super Rats
2nd - Balls and Dolls
3rd - Just the Tip
3rd - Just Win Baby!!!

18th Annual Beaver Bowl

Saturday October 14th, 2017

1st - Polk High Spartans
2nd - Just Win Baby!!!
3rd - Bad Guy Hotel
4th - Cte Free
5th - All Madden
6th - Third Down for What
7th - Sleeman Beavers 
8th - Just the Tip

Spirit Award

1st - Just the Tip
2nd - Just Win Baby!!!
3rd - Third Down for What

4th Annual Beaver Bowl

Saturday November 16th, 2003

1st - Rough Riders
2nd - Alouettes
3rd - Lions
4th - Yeomen
5th - Blue Bombers
6th - Mesh Shirt Renegades
7th - Golden Gaels
8th - Warriors
9th - Gryphons
10th - Marauders
11th - Argonauts
12th - Eskimos
13th - Tiger Cats
14th - Varsity Blues

Spirit Award

1st - Tiger Cats

14 teams showed up for the 4th Annual Beaver Bowl at Margaret Greene Park in Guelph.  After some great football, the Rough Riders proved to be the top team, winning all five games.  Rough Riders were Phillip McAllister, Larry Kelly, Sue Farrelly, Chris Lee and Chris Deforest.  The Tiger Cats were awarded the top Spirited Team of the day.  Tiger Cats consisted of Anne Marie Braid, Alex Black, Paul Zuccala, Nicole Leis and Steve Henderson.  Congrats to everyone on a great day of Football, and a special thanks to Jesses for hosting a great after game party.

3rd Annual Beaver Bowl

Saturday November 24th, 2002

1st - The Strugglers
2nd - The Pylons
3rd - The Heavers
4th - The Bruiser's

MVP Awards

Offensive MVP - Larry Kelly
Defensive MVP - Jeff Bridges

Four teams battled it out on a Sunny Sunday afternoon, for the first tournament without snow.  The Pylons, Heavers, Strugglers and  the Bruiser's each played 5 very close games.  The Strugglers kicked a safety in the last play of the game against the Pylons to win the 3rd Annual Beaver Bowl by a score of 29-28.  Another great afternoon of Football!!!  


2nd Annual Beaver Bowl

Saturday November 25th, 2001

Two big teams fought it out on the muddy football field. Cleats proved to be the difference as the winners, Brad Lebold, Larry Kelly, Ryan Matthie, Kelly Schellenberg, Curious George and Adam hoisted the Cup in a decisive victory.


1st Annual Beaver Bowl

Saturday November 26th, 2000

1st - The Otters
2nd - The Muskrats
3rd - The Beavers
4th - The Young Guns

MVP Awards

Offensive MVP - Jon Lankin
Defensive MVP - Jamie Belcher

Four teams (Beavers, Muskrats, Otters and the Young Guns) battled it out on a Snowy Sunday afternoon. After the fog had lifted the Otters were declared the winners of the 1st Annual Beaver Bowl. The Otters are Walter Artuso, Brad Meagher, Steve Meszaros, Jon Lankin and Joe Rotondi.;