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Here at Perpetual Motion, we supply you with the equipment you need to play, so all you need to bring is a pair of cleats and your 'A' game. Each captain is provided with a black duffel bag that contains a white net, four metal pegs for securing the net at the back, first aid kit, a whistle and a soccer ball. Because we don't ask for a team deposit, teams are responsible for paying for any missing equipment. The black duffel bags are $25, the nets are $110 each and the soccer ball is $30. Please try to keep the equipment in good condition so that teams who use it after you can enjoy it just the same.


To put a net up, first find the two corners that have a black or red plastic label. Loop the corners of the net outside of these labels onto the farthest left and right hooks of the metal goal. Then, loop the rest of the top of the net onto the hooks that run along the crossbar of the metal goal. Take the velcro straps that have been attached to each side of the net and secure them to each post. Finally, take the four pegs and one at a time, pull the net back and secure it into the ground.


If your ball becomes flat at a game, locate the convener at the field and ask to borrow the ball pump that he has been provided with. If your ball receives a hole, report it to us so that we can replace it for you. Teams are permitted to use non-league balls if they prefer, but this must be agreed upon by the other team.


Players are allowed, and are encouraged, to wear cleats on grass fields and indoor and outdoor turf fields. For turf fields, the cleats must be clean of any dirt. Metal spikes are prohibited from both grass and turf fields, as they are more likely to cause injury. Playing with bare feet or shoes that are not closed-toe is not allowed.