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Awards Nights 2017


Welcome Everyone! 

We have nearly reached the end of another Summer League season and Perpetual Motion would like to thank every player for their commitment, time, sportsmanship and enthusiasm! 

The 2017 Summer League Award Nights for Soccer, Flag Football and Beach Volleyball will run the week of Sunday August 27th, Monday August 21st, Tuesday August 22nd, Tuesday August 29th, Wednesday August 23rd and Thursday August 24th with the events taking place from 8:00pm to 10:00pm. We ask for each team to make their way to the listed location immediately following their final playoff game! Please see below for the locations for each night. 


Sunday Leagues: Sunday August 27th at Bobby O'Brien's

  • Soccer
  • Intermediate 4's, Rec 6's

Monday Leagues: Monday August 21st at Stampede Ranch

  • Soccer
  • Beach Volleyball Competitive 4's, Intermediate 4's, Open 2's, Rec 6s

Tuesday Leagues: Tuesday August 22nd and August 29th at Stampede Ranch

  • August 22nd -Beach Volleyball Competitive 4's, Intermediate 4's, Recreational 6's
  • Aguat 29th-Soccer
  • August 29th-B1/B2 Flag Football

Wednesday Leagues: Wednesday August 23rd   at Stampede Ranch

  • Soccer
  • Beach Volleyball Intermediate 6's, Recreational 6's

Thursday Leagues: Thursday August 24th at Stampede Ranch

  • Ultimate B7, C1, C2
  • Soccer
  • Beach Volleyball Intermediate 4's, Intermediate 6's, Recreational 6's



The playoff champions and the top spirited team in each league, on each night, will be awarded a trophy and have the opportunity to select from a variety of prizes. There will also be free promotional* food for everyone who attends as a way to show our appreciation for your involvement. 

Please join us as we end the 2017 Summer League season with a night sure to be enjoyable. Remember, it's all for YOU!


See you there. 


*Promotional Food: based on that restaurants' deals for teams for that evening.