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Here at Perpetual Motion, we supply you with all the equipment you need to play, so all you need to bring is a pair of cleats and your A-game. Each captain is provided with a black duffel bag full of flags, bean bags and a football. Because we don't ask for a team deposit, teams are responsible for paying for any missing equipment. The black duffel bags are $25, the flags are $7 each and the football is $25. Please try to keep the equipment in good condition in order for the next team can enjoy it just the same.


The flags, either yellow or green, are designed to make a popping noise when pulled out of the belt so that you know when you've been caught. To put on the belt, slide the strap first through the inner slot of the white plastic piece and then pull it through the inner slot of the other side. Then, pull the strap through the outer slot of each side in order to secure it. Move the flags so that they rest on the outside of your hips. Players must refrain from covering up their flags with clothing and are encouraged to wear shorts/pants without pockets, or, to tape up their pockets. This is to save players who are attempting to grab a flag from injuring their fingers.

Bean Bags

A bean bag is included in each duffel bag which is to be used to mark the line of scrimmage for every play. That way, if a pass is thrown incomplete or if the play must return to the line of scrimmage for another reason, the line is clearly marked.


Players are allowed, and are encouraged, to wear cleats both on grass fields and on all turf fields. For turf fields, the cleats must be clean of any dirt. Metal spikes are prohibited from both grass and turf fields as they are more likely to cause an injury. Playing with bare feet or shoes that are not closed-toe is also not allowed.